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Andrew MacGregor Marshall, Former Journalist.

Marshall's total Facebook and Twitter followers number about 32,000. Considering his antics, that is a respectable following, though actual interaction is trivial.  My total is about 210,000 with brisk interaction.  Some posts reach over a million people.  Clearly Marshall is angered that an independent writer with no affiliations can reach a vaster audience than a former journalist who was a bureau chief for a global media monster.

image027A journalist who expired.

The limited reach of his social media readership is due to his own, self-absorbed posts.  Marshall the party animal continues to slosh around, posting selfies as if he is in high school:




Marshall does not grasp that one reason he cannot build a serious readership or a larger audience could be due to his immaturity. Marshall is more than forty years-old.  Without his Reuters badge, what is Marshall?  He is no journalist. He is not an author. He is not an academic. Was the fission between Reuters and Marshall so explosive that the fallout leaves him radioactive and unemployable?  What caused his personality change?

Now that Marshall is unemployed, attacking high profile subjects like the King of Thailand might seem a wise strategy.  Such malfeasance has real world consequences.

image037Marshall is contemptuous and disrespectful of Thai culture.

When the mysterious or the unexplained happens in Thailand, such as the murder of a high profile activist, it is often said to be the work of an “invisible hand."  On many occasions during nocturnal attacks on peaceful protestors this year in Bangkok, Whistleblower guards fought back against unseen perpetrators.  Victims died.

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