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Americans Never Give Up Your Guns

03 January 2013

This interesting piece was published 27 December 2012 on a Russian blog. Reprinted here with permission: By Stanislav Mishin

Americans Never Give Up Your Guns
By Stanislav Mishin

These days, there are few few things to admire about the socialist, bankrupt and culturally degenerating USA, but at least so far, one thing remains: the right to bare arms and use deadly force to defend one's self and possessions.

This will probably come as a total shock to most of my Western readers, but at one point, Russia was one of the most heavily armed societies on earth. This was, of course, when we were free under the Tsar. Weapons, from swords and spears to pistols, rifles and shotguns were everywhere, common items. People carried them concealed, they carried them holstered. Fighting knives were a prominent part of many traditional attires and those little tubes criss crossing on the costumes of Cossacks and various Caucasian peoples? Well those are bullet holders for rifles.

Various armies, such as the Poles, during the Смута (Times of Troubles), or Napoleon, or the Germans even as the Tsarist state collapsed under the weight of WW1 and Wall Street monies, found that holding Russian lands was much much harder than taking them and taking was no easy walk in the park but a blood bath all its own. In holding, one faced an extremely well armed and aggressive population Hell bent on exterminating or driving out the aggressor.

This well armed population was what allowed the various White factions to rise up, no matter how disorganized politically and militarily they were in 1918 and wage a savage civil war against the Reds. It should be noted that many of these armies were armed peasants, villagers, farmers and merchants, protecting their own. If it had not been for Washington's clandestine support of and for the Reds, history would have gone quite differently.

Moscow fell, for example, not from a lack of weapons to defend it, but from the lieing guile of the Reds. Ten thousand Reds took Moscow and were opposed only by some few hundreds of officer cadets and their instructors. Even then the battle was fierce and losses high. However, in the city alone, at that time, lived over 30,000 military officers (both active and retired), all with their own issued weapons and ammunition, plus tens of thousands of other citizens who were armed. The Soviets promised to leave them all alone if they did not intervene. They did not and for that were asked afterwards to come register themselves and their weapons: where they were promptly shot.

Of course being savages, murderers and liars does not mean being stupid and the Reds learned from their Civil War experience. One of the first things they did was to disarm the population. From that point, mass repression, mass arrests, mass deportations, mass murder, mass starvation were all a safe game for the powers that were. The worst they had to fear was a pitchfork in the guts or a knife in the back or the occasional hunting rifle. Not much for soldiers.

To this day, with the Soviet Union now dead 21 years, with a whole generation born and raised to adulthood without the SU, we are still denied our basic and traditional rights to self defense. Why? We are told that everyone would just start shooting each other and crime would be everywhere....but criminals are still armed and still murdering and to often, especially in the far regions, those criminals wear the uniforms of the police. The fact that everyone would start shooting is also laughable when statistics are examined.

While President Putin pushes through reforms, the local authorities, especially in our vast hinterland, do not feel they need to act like they work for the people. They do as they please, a tyrannical class who knows they have absolutely nothing to fear from a relatively unarmed population. This in turn breeds not respect but absolute contempt and often enough, criminal abuse.

For those of us fighting for our traditional rights, the US 2nd Amendment is a rare light in an ever darkening room. Governments will use the excuse of trying to protect the people from maniacs and crime, but are in reality, it is the bureaucrats protecting their power and position. In all cases where guns are banned, gun crime continues and often increases. As for maniacs, be it nuts with cars (NYC, Chapel Hill NC), swords (Japan), knives (China) or home made bombs (everywhere), insane people strike. They throw acid (Pakistan, UK), they throw fire bombs (France), they attack. What is worse, is, that the best way to stop a maniac is not psychology or jail or "talking to them", it is a bullet in the head, that is why they are a maniac, because they are incapable of living in reality or stopping themselves.

The excuse that people will start shooting each other is also plain and silly. So it is our politicians saying that our society is full of incapable adolescents who can never be trusted? Then, please explain how we can trust them or the police, who themselves grew up and came from the same culture?

No it is about power and a total power over the people. There is a lot of desire to bad mouth the Tsar, particularly by the Communists, who claim he was a tyrant, and yet under him we were armed and under the progressives disarmed. Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate guns. Oh, no, they do not. What they hate is guns in the hands of those who are not marching in lock step of their ideology. They hate guns in the hands of those who think for themselves and do not obey without question. They hate guns in those whom they have slated for a barrel to the back of the ear.

So, do not fall for the false promises and do not extinguish the light that is left to allow humanity a measure of self respect.



+4 # Ammo is back-orderd everwhereTim 2013-01-03 17:46
This is amazing, everyone is buying up the guns and ammo because of this fear. Ammo prices have doubled on the auction sites and the auction sites are the only place you can even find it for sale.
+1 # RE: Ammo is back-orderd everwhereFrank 2013-01-03 20:02
You are correct Tim! I been picking up people's ammo at three different gun clubs that I belong to for the last four years. The ammo is sorted in 5 gallon pails.Time for me to purchase a Dillion Press
0 # RE: Ammo is back-orderd everwhereheroay 2013-01-05 07:23
Tim, would you believe? To my surprise, Wal-Mart, owned by kosher ashkenazis, had not one but two large cabinets full of all sorts of ammo. Never ever did i see such display up for grabs, instead of shelved behind a counter, or inside glass cabinets. Up for grabs. Maybe THEY, not Americans, fear their own criminal, greedy, genocidal, demented breed? Not only, they were offering 'hunting license' forms for two states, for 'legal' ownership, though lawful ownership is granted by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, regardless.
+8 # RE: Americans Never Give Up Your Gunsannie 2013-01-03 19:15
Amen Mr. Mishin. God, family, country...When tyrants rise up, as they have in these is our duty as American citizens to remove them and replace them with those faithful to our Constitution and National Defense from enemies within and without. I fear that our people do not have what it takes stand in these times. It's been bred out of us, we've been flooded with immigrants who do not understand the words you spoke.... and we've been brainwashed in our public schools. But to many of us...FREEDOM is still our cry and we will go down or stand....fighti ng these evil power hungry traitors. Thank you for your article and the warning that should be heeded.
US citizen and fellow lover of FREEDOM and my Country in spite of its present condition... Give us liberty or give us death....
-2 # RE: RE: Americans Never Give Up Your GunsJohnny 2013-01-03 21:08
I have to agree with you Annie. I'm a student of history, I love America and the principles of our founders. But America has died, she is flooded with immigrants who despise the founders, educators who hate her constitution and a vast populace that loves entertainment more than they love freedom and liberty. I was ready to fight, but now I think I may turn in my weapons and then leave the country for another. Game Over Man! Game OVER!
+6 # RE: RE: RE: Americans Never Give Up Your GunsMatt 2013-01-04 07:15
When americans say this I always wonder which country they intend to go to.
+1 # RE: RE: RE: RE: Americans Never Give Up Your Gunsheroay 2013-01-05 06:41
Matt, wonder no more... they will flee to israHell, of coz. :-)
0 # RE: RE: RE: Americans Never Give Up Your Gunsheroay 2013-01-05 06:47
Johnny Be Good, would you believe? Your rethoric, "America has died", etc, reminds me of wan crypto Pessimiski, whose America's Autopsy Report, in 2001, was proven to be sooo fallacious, as to be subversive. Think you can stimulate armed Americans to LEAVE their homes, cities, country, with simpleton empty words, just like that? "Come and Get IT", from all patriotic Americans, to all gun-grabbing pigs.
+1 # Hm.. student of history you say?Oscar 2013-01-10 14:12
Quoting Johnny:
I have to agree with you Annie. I'm a student of history, I love America and the principles of our founders. But America has died, she is flooded with immigrants who despise the founders, educators who hate her constitution and a vast populace that loves entertainment more than they love freedom and liberty. I was ready to fight, but now I think I may turn in my weapons and then leave the country for another. Game Over Man! Game OVER!

Ya know. The ONLY ones in America who I think has a right to complain about the behaviour of immigrants is perhaps the surviving descendants of the natives who lived in the Americas before it was "discovered".

America is never going to be the white mans country. Even if in minority, it still belongs to the natives who first inhabited it. Through usurpation and oppression of the native tribes, the white man took possession of the land.

So before you go all high strung on freedom and liberty, and founding fathers, take a look at the rape, and plunder and oppression that went on towards the indigenous population in their name.

It's a big stain that no way of clever history-revisio nism is ever going to be able to hide. Allthough you are all still doing your best to wipe out whats left of the indigenous population.

Ever occur to you people that to the native-american , the tyrant is you? With your words, they have a god given right to rise up and fight you yet, and to throw you - rightfully so, out of their lands.
+2 # RE: Hm.. student of history you say?Jason O 2013-01-10 14:54
Leave it to someone like you to turn this into a racial forum now. No land belongs to anyone in this world. God has not promised any land to any people on this earth except to Israel, and thats getting into religion, which I wont. Land is not free. It has to be taken or defended. If the "Natives" wanted this land they should have defended it better. I am not going to feel sorry one bit for the past history of this country. Its past history is better than most and was in line with popular world view at the time. If your ashamed then thats your problem Oscar, go back to your garbage can on Sesame Street and STFU!
+4 # Citizen of USAStepen 2013-01-03 19:44
"...If it had not been for Washington's clandestine support of and for the Reds,..."

What support was given by Washington in 1918 ?? Is this fact or propaganda cleverly disguised in the blog? During WW2 Russia DID get support against Hitler from the USA. But 1918 ??

Or just crazy.
+1 # Concerned American CitizenAndy 2013-01-03 22:14
In fact, I do believe that the Western Powers (including the US) aided the White Russian forces between 1919-1920.

An armed society is a polite society. The Second Amendment shall not infringed upon, and is sacred.
+1 # Concerned American CitizenJason O 2013-01-04 13:43

Just my own opinion on your post. Wikipedia is about as trustworthy as today's politicians in America. If your going to do research and throw out facts you should use a reliable source!
-5 # RE: Concerned American Citizenheroay 2013-01-05 06:05
Wiki?? It's KOSHER owned and CIA-MOSSAD tinkered by! Arf! Why not try the Talmud or Protocols for 'honesty' in reporting, instead? Arf! :D The Commie kosher UN-constitution al FED banksters, first thing they did was, "now we can finance WW1"... to 'destroy Communism' and their ethnic relatives in jU-rope, right? Right? :P Thanks for the laugh!!
-5 # RE: Citizen of USAheroay 2013-01-05 06:36
Hey, Stephen, what's your age? Six? Don't you find strange that Russia fell no thanks to kosher pigs Lenin and Trostsky, financed by kosher Warburgs in Jew York and ashkenazi pigs RAT-a-childs in London, and you don't know about it? Also, during WW2, no thanks to kosher criminal Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 'Uncle' Stalin's 'nephew', Hitler was defeated from terminating the kosher commie plague destroying jU-rope? Hmmm! Are you sure you are not "a cleverly disguised" 'one of them'??
0 # RE: Americans Never Give Up Your GunsFrank 2013-01-03 19:58
Hell this needs to be printed in every major newspaper in the USA. I hope we never lose our rights. The problem is the people that actually obey the law and pay the taxes/salaries for politicians are the ones who get screwed to the wall. Massachusetts is one of these states that think anyone with a gun is a nano second away from committing a crime. I'm suppose to run if someone is entering my home according to Top Cop Coakley. So I lose my rights to shoot in competition, I lose my rights to continue to own machine guns, I lose my rights because some dam nitwit teacher of all things taught her mentally challenged kid to shoot. Lets not forget Hollywood and the Video Manufacturers are also part of the problem too.Did the news media cover the shooting in the restaurant that spilled over into a theatre? No! That guy was shot by a female CCW holder. Does Congresswoman Feinstein carry a weapon? You bet she does. Does NYC Mayor Slurpie Bloomberg have armed guards? You bet he does. Did Boston, Chicago or Detroit clean-up their cities with strict gun laws? Nope. We are in a big fight and this will split the country even more.
So who will take care of the Muslim terrorist, Central American gangs, illegal criminals and the drug cartels that have been able to overun this country with very little resistance from the DOJ? I guess the sheepdogs will be really busy the next decade. The sheep, we will be a slaughtered.
-4 # RE: RE: Americans Never Give Up Your Gunsheroay 2013-01-05 07:12
Frank, i had to give you a minus point for your very last remarks. Americans will NOT run, hide, or cower. 145 Million Americans (by official count), armed and pissed to the crown, will NOT split, fight each other, nor surrender to a triffle of kosher pigs. And...

Why not 'jew mafia', real; 'ashkenazi gun-grabbers', also real; and 'kosher pigs for israHell', also sounds quite real.

But 'Muslim terrorists' and 'drug cartels' (other than CIA-Bush-Mossad ), none of that is true in America. And sounds subversive.
-14 # Socialist?Ilhan 2013-01-03 20:20
Sorry Michael, but whenever somebody says the US is turning socialist I know anything that person says is BS.

+15 # Drink. Drink!woodNfish 2013-01-03 22:26
Have another drink of the koolaid, Ilhan. It's obviously working.
-11 # RE: Drink. Drink!Ilhan 2013-01-03 23:23
go to college and get outside of your county, woddNfish
+3 # RE: RE: Drink. Drink!Jason O 2013-01-04 17:16
Insults are an educated way to make your case. I am sure your so educated that know everything and no one can tell you anything. Maybe you should keep up on current events and you will see what is really happening.
-1 # RE: RE: RE: Drink. Drink!Ilhan 2013-01-04 18:10
Yes, the US is being overtaken by socialist islamo-fachists and Obama is their champion.
-4 # RE: RE: RE: RE: Drink. Drink!heroay 2013-01-05 07:00
Ilham, Islam is NOT 'socialist'. Islam is NOT 'fascist'. And Obongo, the illegal alien usurper from Kenya, is NOT a Muslim, but a dark kosher ashkenazi, implanted by... Socialist, Communist, Zionist, Fascist, Globalist, Illuminist, Ashkenazi subversives running the j-USA since 1913. Now, go back to your Elementary school class.
+8 # RE: Socialist?Jason O 2013-01-04 13:51
Websters definition of socialism:

1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
2a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

Ilhan, looks like we are well on our way towards it with new laws every day. The federal government infringing on state laws. The federal goverment trying to redistribute wealth. Maybe before knocking someones credibility you should try to understand that this writer has more credibility since he lives in that society. he knows what it is like to live in socialism and probably has a better grasp on its history then you or wikipedia.
-5 # RE: RE: Socialist?Ilhan 2013-01-04 16:00
Are you kidding me man?

None of this is happening in the US. Collective ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods? Really? You must be joking!

He does not live in a socialist society. Russia right now is not socialist. In fact the governments in that general region that come closest to socialism are the Skandinavian states, and those are doing pretty great (education rates the rest of the world can dream of).

Please, let's keep the big bogus of big bad mean socialism in the closet. It aint gonna happen and we both know it.
+5 # Re: Socialist!Josh 2013-01-04 16:50
Quoting Ilhan:
Are you kidding me man?

None of this is happening in the US. Collective ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods? Really? You must be joking!
Please, let's keep the big bogus of big bad mean socialism in the closet. It aint gonna happen and we both know it.

Let's try State ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods. Do the words "General Motors" or "Fannie Mae" or "public schools" come to mind?
-4 # RE: Re: Socialist!Ilhan 2013-01-04 17:04
Don't insult my intelligence.

Cuba is a socialist country. The US is FAR from being a socialist country.
Please, keep your conspiracy theories to yourself.
0 # RE: Re: Socialist!Jason O 2013-01-04 17:05
You got it Josh. His eyes must only be open to what he wants to see!
-1 # RE: RE: RE: Socialist?Jason O 2013-01-04 17:10
I am sure he grew up under communism and in that era so he knows what its like, thats my point.
I guess you dont read up on current events in Russia at all. How the government is sensoring the media, controlling what is said. Allowing only propoganda to be published. That is not an element of socialism though. If a government controls the media it is socialism and the first step to controlling its people.
-1 # RE: RE: RE: RE: Socialist?Ilhan 2013-01-04 18:12
You should read up on totalitarianism and socialism and think about what is what.

Hint: they're not the same.
Another hint: what you are referring to is called totalitarianism
0 # RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Socialist?Jason O 2013-01-04 18:35
i know what the 2 are the the differences. They were a communist society before. Socialism leads to communism. Its only fair to assume that they are going that way again and not towards totalitarianism . You can easily call it either but given their track record I would say its socialism. You have a problem in that you can never be wrong or uniformed about something. You get so defensive and angry. Get some humility and grow up.
0 # RE: RE: RE: Socialist?annie 2013-01-04 19:43
Never argue with a fool. It's a waste of time and words. Just remember that we aren't to suffer fools....Stand for the truth. The truth is.... we have become a communist country with a dictator in charge and we haven't got the balls to do anything about it. Instead we worry with people like Ilhana who is about as significant as a dead rat in the road....and almost as relevant.
0 # RE: RE: RE: RE: Socialist?JamesH 2013-01-04 23:50
Amen, Annie.
+1 # mskaren 2013-01-03 22:03
+3 # American's never give up- your gunsGary 2013-01-03 22:51
With apologies to Martin Niemöller...

First they came for the Conservatives, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Conservative.

Then they came for the Tea Party members, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Tea Party member.

Then they came for the guns, and I did not speak out--
Because I did not own a gun.

Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.
-2 # RE: American's never give up- your gunsIlhan 2013-01-03 23:29
+4 # RE: Americans Never Give Up Your GunsAaron 2013-01-03 23:17
US support went to the Whites, not the Reds. Among many reasons were the fate of US investments.

Free under the Tsar? A monarch?

And a commenter says America has been ruined by immigrants-amazing.

All this talk about the United States going in the hopper is not new, and has never been right. I would hope to see more backbone in the REAL defense of American liberty-vote, talk, argue, but never give up.
+1 # RE: RE: Americans Never Give Up Your GunsIlhan 2013-01-03 23:24
thank you sir!
+1 # MisinformationTaeil 2013-01-04 01:12
It seems whoever wrote this is pretty uninformed about the history of Russian society just like Americans with their own history.

Russia has always been considered culturally backward since the years of Napoleon. They abolished serfdom a year after the end of the Civil War. Think of it like this. These guys had WHITE slaves even after Americans set their black ones free.

Then again, in Brazil they wrote in a law freeing their slaves (nationwide) in 1888.

I don't know why, but it's a perpetuated myth the civil war in Russia was

1) Fought by only two sides and interest groups (Tsarists vs. Communists)

2) Russians was a more libertarian society before the Reds took over.

3) This is even coming from rightwingers in Russia (who also happen to not like Jews very much) - but they look up to Stalin. He supposedly turned a nation of drunk illiterates into an empire. And this is coming from the rightwing Russians.
+1 # CorrectionTaeil 2013-01-04 01:17
This is simply a reply to clarify my post on #3

That is not a historical myth being perpetuated. Right-wing Russians really do look up to Stalin even though he was really Georgian and had more Russians killed off then Hitler. In many respects Russian identity is as contrarian as that of any American.
+1 # The Blogger's StoryJack E. Hammond 2013-01-04 05:52
Dear Michael,

Something about that blogger's post does no ring true. The Czar and his family were not that great. And most Russians had guns and even the Communists had their militias armed. When the Revolution took place Russia was awash in guns; but the Communists unlike the other groups would obey orders.

And today, the gun people are buying the wrong guns to defend themselves from a Tyrant -- ie do you really believe anyone in the US Army would obey an order not lawful? Military commanders do not fear a population armed with semi-automatic assault rifles or automatic pistols. What they fear the most is high powered rifles with a scope. The main advantage military unit have over an armed citizenry us armored vehicles. Citizens with scoped high-powered rifles force armored vehicles to button up. And a button up armored vehicle can not see, to protect itself against people with gasoline bombs.

Many do not even know why the N.R.A. was chartered by Congress after the Civil War. To protect the 2nd Amendment? No. It was due to the terrible marksmanship of the soldiers during the Civil War. And the Spanish-America n War showed the N.R.A. did its job. The Spanish, and later the Filipinos, had the much better rifle (7mm Mauser) but could hit any thing. The Americans had inferior small arms, including old Trap-Door Springfield black powder rifles. But they could hit what they aimed at because of the N.R.A. training.

Others say the militia. That time is long gone. When they wrote the Constitution the thought they could get a citizens army on the cheap. Then came the War or 1812 that showed if you had a cheap army, you go what you paid for.

Finally, when ever you see the US government go after high powered bolt action rifles with scopes and limit the sale of .308, 30-06, .303 and 7.62mm NATO ammo: You can worry. Until then no worry.

Jack E. Hammond

PS. You know your discussion of the Taliban using cameras on I.R. mode. Well it seems the Pakistani-Talib an is a nervous wreak over drone strikes and is using cheap digital cameras on a stick to check vehicles for hidden strobes. You were right.
+1 # RE: The Blogger's StoryDayallaxeded 2013-01-10 01:35
[quote name="Jack E. Hammond"]
...when ever you see the US government go after high powered bolt action rifles with scopes and limit the sale of .308, 30-06, .303 and 7.62mm NATO ammo: You can worry. Until then no worry.

See Gary's comment above: "Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me." I have no doubts at all that .308/7.62 long and short are next, if not already on the list. The exercise in usurpation is based on emotional triggers, which right now are focused on .223/5.56mm. It will go to the next step as soon as a crisis can be found or manufactured to "justify" it.
0 # RE: Americans Never Give Up Your GunsJamesH 2013-01-04 05:59
America is dead. It died on Nov. 6th. Its steady decline will continue to some point in the future where we will have lost most of our freedoms and our economy is in shambles. The federal gov't will no longer be able to keep its entitlement commitments.

Marxism (Godlessness) has won. The only thing that will keep us from complete dictatorship, from living as captives, from being slaves to a government will be our guns. We must fight at all cost to keep them.
+1 # Remember Your PastJack E. Hammond 2013-01-04 06:12
Dear Michael,

Forgot, after the collapse of the USSR, there formed in Russia many revisionist groups who believe firmly that under the old communists rule (Stalin and Lenin) or under the rule of the Czars life had been so much better for the Russians. A famous song writer in Russia wrote the song in the link below titled "Remember Your Past." It is a haunting song. The link below is a Tiny url to reduce the size. I am sending the preview mode so you can safely see the original link on YouTube.

The song writer was warned by the same people he warned against. He was murdered. And Russia being Russia they blamed it on a Jew. Who luckily escaped to Israel. Two things remain the same with most Russians: A hatred of Jews and Muslims.

Finally, the real Revolution in Russia was in 1905. They begged the Czar to change before it was to late. Instead he call in this man and put him in charge of the Russian Secret police. He started setting off bombs and murdering people. And blamed it on those wanting the Russian government to give the Russian people more say as in England. This man accomplish the mission of protecting what the Czar saw as his God given right. And the rest was history -- The Czar is dead, Long Live the New Czar: the Communist Party.

Jack E. Hammond
+2 # RE: Remember Your PastTaeil 2013-01-04 11:07
Mr. Hammond,

I understand random yahooos and revisionists on the internet aren't very reliable or the best legitimate voice as historical commentators but what makes you think some musician is legitimate as well?

Just because he wrote a good song doesn't mean it's the end all be all of the historical narrative for Russia.

He might be full of crap as anyone else as far as I'm concerned in my humble opinion.
-4 # www.challengecoincity.comcustom challengecoin 2013-01-04 13:31
I have to agree with you Annie,nowadays Americans want to rule allover the world .thats the main reson that the America never give up
-2 # RE: www.challengecoincity.comheroay 2013-01-05 07:39
"Americans"? That's a load. Unless by 'Americans' you mean the ashkenazi viral parasite infecting the US Government, Military, Academia, Finance, 'Entertainment' , Bankstering, Porno, Pedophilia, ad nauseam, and who hijacked the US in 1913 through the RAT-a-child's FED, its Rapine Unconstitutiona l Income Tax for Cows only. Then, blame those kosher pigs, NOT Americans or the United States.
-1 # RE: Americans Never Give Up Your GunsNani 2013-01-06 00:40
A couple months ago, there were 2 headlines on DrudgeReport about the Dept of Education & Homeland Security purchasing millions of rounds of ammo. Dept of Education? Obama's got a jump on disarming us. You can arm yourselves to the hilt, but what good is it, if you can't buy the ammo for it.
0 # RE: Americans Never Give Up Your GunsNani 2013-01-14 21:31
A follow up on my 1-5-13 post; Walmart, today, other retailers, to follow soon.
0 # RE: Americans Never Give Up Your GunsNani 2013-01-14 21:34
This is one of the articles I was referring to regarding Homeland Security purchasing millions of rounds of ammo.
0 # RE: Americans Never Give Up Your GunsNani 2013-01-14 21:34
This is one of the articles I was referring to regarding Homeland Security purchasing millions of rounds of ammo.
0 # independentCornhoolio 2013-01-14 22:03
I vetted this story with my Russian coworker. He says its only partial truth. At that time, the people with guns were royalty who would serve as officers in the feudal hierarchy. The common serfs had nothing, and when the revolution took place they continued to have nothing. The common man went from free and starving to repressed and starving.
0 # RE: Americans Never Give Up Your GunsJohnny Ward 2013-01-20 22:41
(Saw the following on my computer screen!)

Control Hollywood, Not Guns!

Instead of gun control, why not Hollywood control?
Gun triggers are touched by fingers. But Hollywood, guided more by profits than OT prophets, poisons the minds that pull the triggers.
Hollywood likes hiding behind the First Amendment more than abiding by the Ten Commandments, one of which says "Thou shalt not kill."
Even more insidiously, some of the most powerful Hollywood moguls quietly embrace the most unspeakably evil forms of child abuse. Google or Yahoo "The Talmud" which says that Jewish adults are allowed to have sex with children as young as three years old!
Also Google or Yahoo "Pedophilia: The Talmud's Dirty Secret." (There are those who even want to normalize and legalize pedophilia! - Google " m/porn.html.")
Why do politicians focus only on "mopping up" the aftereffects of hypocritical Hollywood's overflowing sex-and-gun-vio lence "faucet" instead of trying to shut it off? Let's control the big "guns" of Hollywood - and NOT guns!

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