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Afghanistan: Talking Points US Troops

08 December 2013


Many of our Soldiers in Afghanistan are required to carry this paper in a pocket at all times.  Troops are expected to memorize the talking points and cough them up to any journalists coming through.

We decided to help headquarters spread their message.

Many complaints about poor morale are coming from Afghanistan.  Most troops are kept on base, where they undergo mindless inspections and even small ‘parades’, and of course rocket and mortar strikes.

It has been estimated that in 2014, the cost to taxpayers to keep one troop in Afghanistan for one year will be more than $2 million.  And we have our $2 million dollar troops there doing inspections and memorizing propaganda for the press, while Washington bickers with Karzai and the enemy grows stronger.

George Orwell would be proud of this propaganda jewel:


But wait, isn’t nighttime the time that our special operations forces work the hardest?  Yes, it is.  Does that make Rangers cowards for working at night using fancy see in the dark gear?  Nothing tastes worse than lies.

Another jewel: Taliban are running back to Pakistan while their leaders in Pakistan plead for them to stay and fight.  With our Rules of Engagement and lack of combat operations, Afghanistan is plenty safe for the Taliban.  Our combat troops are memorizing this propaganda.

We say this every winter and have been saying it for years.  Yet we know that for many generations significant numbers of Afghans migrate to Pakistan to escape the harsh winter, whether or not there is war, just as snowbirds migrate from Canada to Florida each year to their winter homes.  Afghan snowbirds migrate to Pakistan.

And when there is war, the Afghan snowbirds come back each spring and plant corn, poppy, and bombs.  The Taliban are not retreating.  They are drinking tea, plotting their 2014 war plan.  They are concentrating their fight on our dwindling forces.  Yet every approaching winter, we say their leaders in Pakistan are pleading with them to stay and fight.  Don’t worry.  They’ll be back in the spring.  They always are, with a new plan.

The image below is from the same paper but was created using stitching software to make a few areas easier to read.


Click on the image for a larger view.

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