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13 September 2011
Zhari District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

Today there were some attacks far away in Kabul.  The attacks meant practically nothing from a military perspective but they garnered much press.  We’ve seen this unfold many times in many places.  Another case of little bang, big media.

The images in this dispatch were made during recent combat operations in the Zhary District of Kandahar Province.


Looking at the young faces, one might never guess how many firefights had been happening around here in the past day.


Leafs are beginning to fall from the trees, a sign that the fighting season here will begin to wind down.  Many fighters will go to Pakistan for the winter.  Every leaf that hits the ground is one less to hide under.


We stayed for two days at the compound where this little girl lived.  She sometimes followed me around.


She liked to look at the pictures.


Soldiers from 4-4 Cav in Task Force Spartan walked through the village.  There were a few firefights around us, but none that my group was in.


You can go for days without seeing a table or a chair.


During the summer, village families sleep outside under the stars where it’s cool.

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