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Afghan children likely killed by Taliban

03 March 2009
Slowly but clearly, the Afghan population is turning against us.  The Canadians are seen here struggling with the realization.  Secretary Gates told me in December that his most serious concern is that we will lose the support of the Afghan people.  He's a very smart and experienced man.  I concur with his concerns.

Inch by inch, we are losing that support.

Afghan children likely killed by Taliban IED: military

The Canadian Press
March 2, 2009 at 3:48 PM EST

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — The explosion that killed three Afghan children last week was the work of the Taliban and not Canada's fault, say military officials who admit they're still struggling to understand the outburst of anti-Canadian sentiment touched off by the tragedy.

Forensic analysis of fragments from the bomb that killed the three young boys determined it was likely an old munition, perhaps left over from the Soviet occupation, that may have been fashioned into a booby trap, officials said.

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