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Advancing Sniper Rifles

02 January 2013

The day draws closer when a General will be in the Pentagon, 8,000 miles away from battle, and he will signal a sniper to kill or not to kill.  Taking it a step more, nothing will prevent the trigger-puller from being separated from the rifleman.  The General in the Pentagon could control whether or not the rifle is active to fire.

Press Release:

“We are pleased to announce the release of the official trailer video for TrackingPoint's Precision Guided Firearms.  This trailer includes footage shot during our field testing in the snow at altitude hunting western game, on safari hunting plains game, and hunting hogs from helicopters right in our back yard in Texas.”


+1 # RE: Advancing Sniper RiflesLaird 2013-01-02 16:27
Of course, the 'general in his office' making the shoot/don't shoot call will also now be directly responsible, too. My guess? In most cases it'll be someone a LOT closer to the action (and much further down the food chain) that will be making the shot calls - Leaving the flag-rank officers still in a position of deniability.

All that said, I find the capabilities of this system fascinating - It may be possible to upgrade normal marksmen to effective 'designated marksman' levels capabilities. And wouldn't *that* be a nasty surprise for our enemies..?
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+1 # More like a nasty surprise for US...Bonhoeffer 2013-01-03 22:51
More like a nasty surprise for US when Obummer sells it to the jihad nations...!!!
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+1 # RE: More like a nasty surprise for US...Laird 2013-01-03 23:05
Obama sell it? Hardly, and for two reasons that occur to me just off the top of my head:
1) Obama is smarter than to do anything that easily detected, and frankly dead soldiers will just make any agenda he has harder to execute - Dead soldiers are a *distraction* to his agenda.
2) (and more important) I can guarnatee you that a couple dozen interested parties around the world are already working on either duplicating the system, stealing it, or designing something even better. One or more of them will be certain to commercialize the results and/or hand it out to their 'friends.'
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+9 # USAF (ret)Bill Dettmer 2013-01-02 16:31
Wonderful. It wasn't bad enough having targeting and attack decisions made in Washington during the Vietnam War. Now a sniper has to have Washington's permission to take the shot? Lord, deliver us...
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+1 # Who takes the responsibility?jon505 2013-01-02 16:40
This is interesting on a couple of fronts. If the General in The Pentegon is going to direct the shot and order the sniper to fire then surly he must take a higher % of the blame when it goes wrong. With the current system those who pull the trigger have the final say in carrying out the order as they are more mission orientated for the immediate area whereas someone who is remote may have a greater overall texture of what is going on strategically. To expect a young sniper to say no at the crucial moment is pushing it a bit so more likly he will fire and then when it is discovered he was wrong to fire the blame will fall to him.

IF we are going down the long screwdriver route then legal and the AG Dept need to set up a memorandum of understanding that sniper is under orders and those giving the orders are acountable in a court- including the court of human rights in the Hauge.

Interesting, enshrined in German Law is that any soldier may disobey an order if it is against the rules of war. Seems they did learn something following the defences of "I was only obeying orders".

Of course you could just turn the darn Wi-Fi Off!
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+2 # RE: Advancing Sniper RiflesRandomGuy 2013-01-02 17:20
It'll be hackable. KISS
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-1 # RE: Advancing Sniper RiflesJesse 2013-01-02 17:23
What happnes when they top hunting AQ and turn this crap on us?
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# Who's "they?"IronV 2013-01-02 22:38
Are you talking about our dedicated troops? Who is this "They" that's going to hunt fellow Americans? Frankly I find your posting as insulting as I find it paranoid and ignorant.
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+9 # Mr.Navion 2013-01-02 18:26
If the "General" has the ability to deactivate the trigger, I can predict that capability will get our people killed.
There is nothing worse than needing permission to shoot 2 seconds ago! :-x

Urgent request to activate trigger! :o
Sorry buddy, :-* your "handler" is in the head! :cry:
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+4 # RE: Advancing Sniper RiflesGerry 2013-01-02 18:58
Is that what we pay O-7-9 for?
It takes how many handsoffs now to get a MEDEVAC or close air support now?

Complete BS!
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+1 # RE: Advancing Sniper RiflesMikeEcho 2013-01-02 20:01
You can bet the ChiComs are testing their version as we speak.
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+1 # Advancing sniper riflesLive Fire 2013-01-02 20:13
And just think, the current POTUS will be able to take credit for it all!
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+7 # RE: Advancing Sniper RiflesNeil 2013-01-02 20:37
Ring lazer gyros were $250,000 in 1985, now you can find mini gyros in $60 RC helicopters. In 10 years the targeting capability of average rifleman's systems will make ACOGs look like low tech, low budget equipment. The targeting systems will cost more than the rifle system. I don't believe the government will be able to keep this technology out of civilian hands. All it takes is money.
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+3 # RE: RE: Advancing Sniper RiflesLaird 2013-01-02 20:50
Just so.
Make use of it whilst we may... And start right now (if we haven't already) on figuring ways to hack/crack similar systems.

It wouldn't take much to get these pulled - just a few fractions of a % introduced error will have soldiers distrusting and disabling them right, left, and center.
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+2 # Wifi riflessharkey6601 2013-01-02 22:49
All this high tech crap is incredibly dangerous because mans wisdom has not kept up with his knowledge. If our wisdom increase came before the knowledge we would still be using swords and clubs
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# Another VideoPhilM 2013-01-03 16:56
I found the first vid put out by the President of TackPoint that explains the unit operation:

TrackingPoint Demonstration


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+2 # oenghusJames L. Owens 2013-01-04 01:44
I agree with USAF(Ret) and MR. Picking targets from 3000 miles away resulted in a lot of B-52 bomb runs on empty paddies. And 2 seconds late is the certain result for tactical decisions made by people who aren't there AND have a limited angle of vision.
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+1 # RE: Advancing Sniper RiflesNugs Dad 2013-01-13 16:03
Intriguing, but the bottom line is the shooter must still possess the fundamental knowledge and skills to be an effective marksman using iron sights combined with basic elevation and windage calculations. Otherwise, in the event of technological failure, you're left with a "marksman" wielding a composite & metal "club". Kind of like the cashier at your local retail store who can't figure out how much change you are owed in lieu of the register readout.
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# RE: RE: Advancing Sniper RiflesLaird 2013-01-17 14:18
Certainly. Your comment stipulated, the step-change from basic marksman to what systems of this nature can do is going to make it a real force-multiplier.

One item that occurs to me immediately is a possible reduction in the quantities of ammunition that must be humped, if the promise of this bears true.
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