Accused Scammers: Another Large Veteran's Charity

11 August 2012

Government and private watchdogs are on the heels of another large charity.  The charity Help Hospitalized Veterans is accused of scamming millions.  One of those watchdogs, Charity Navigator, similarly outed Soldiers' Angels with a 1-star financial rating in 2012.

Many reports and statements are unfolding in the media, such as:

"At the same time, it has ranked for more than a decade at the bottom of lists by watchdog groups that rate nonprofit organizations based on their financial management and abilities to use most of their donations toward their causes. CharityWatch says about 35 percent of Help Hospitalized Veterans' funds go toward programs to aid veterans. The recommended standard is about 65 percent."


"According to Charity Navigator, a third of the 50 military veterans charities it evaluates rate poorly and 20 percent either got a zero for their financial management or a "donor advisory" tag, which indicates the organizations are being investigated by authorities.

"That compares to 2 percent for other kinds of charities, said Ken Berger, the president of the Washington-based group that evaluates 5,500 charities."

See more:


+6 # RE: Accused Scammers: Another Large Veteran's CharityHeath 2012-08-11 15:20
Hopefully veteran's organizations will start getting better with someone at the helm. We still should help our veterans. Thank you Michael so that I know my money is going to help real veterans in real needs. God Bless the veterans and those who keep the organizations being held accountable for better care as well financial management and higher level of standards. It could be our son or daughter, our nephew or niece someday if they decide to volunteer in the U.S. Military or get issued their draft cards. Thank you & God Bless you Michael for staying on top of things.
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+5 # RE: Accused Scammers: Another Large Veteran's CharitywoodNfish 2012-08-12 14:09
The charity must be learning their lessons from Jesse Jackson's charities.
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+1 # RE: RE: Accused Scammers: Another Large Veteran's Charitywebzight 2012-08-12 16:53
Quoting woodNfish:
The charity must be learning their lessons from Jesse Jackson's charities.

Yo Wood, good one and so right on 8)

You forgot to mention Al "Catfish" Sharpton along with Jesse "Jerkoff" Jackson :-*
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+3 # Wounded Warriors?Stan 2012-08-12 14:29
Any info on the Wounded Warrior Project? I sure get a lot of marketing from them; I'd hate to think my $$ are just going for that.
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-1 # RE: Wounded Warriors?Sam 2012-08-13 04:20
I have wondered about Wounded Warrior Project. They are everywhere and it seems they are more like a corporation now than a charity. When charities grow past a certain point they always lose sight of their mission. Never fails.
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+1 # RE: RE: Wounded Warriors?webzight 2012-08-13 16:15
Quoting Sam:
When charities grow past a certain point they always lose sight of their mission. Never fails.

It's all about the money Sam :-|

There ought to be a test for those who can and cannot be trusted around large amounts of money, for it seems every time I have been involved with 501c3 and 4's, and they start raising large amounts of money, invariably there will be folks who feel they have a right to spend same as they please, especially when there is no real oversight :o

That is the major problem with many of these so called "charities", no real enforceable oversight by third parties such as an independent CPA for instance. That should be a major requirement for any 501c3 that purports themselves to be raising money for any charitable cause, especially for our military service members :sigh:
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# Check the links....webzight 2012-08-12 16:49
Yo Dude! Did U read all of the article :o
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+1 # HHVsusan 2012-08-12 16:53
This organization was exposed a few years ago......but no one was listening..if only people would do their research before they choose who to support with their hard earned dollars! Sites like Charity Navigator...... ...are invaluable in supplying their research for our benefit! There are too many bogus charities out there tugging at the heartstrings of patriotic and compassionate Americans!
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