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A Letter that Speaks for Itself (3 of 4)

09 May 2012

Someone needs to check Panetta for a pulse.  He is so non-responsive that I wonder if he is breathing.


To view the entire PDF please click here.


+1 # RE: A Letter that Speaks for Itself (3 of 4)a&n 2012-05-09 12:44
Why would this administration want an AF/Pak Study Group that would expose them as the traitors to our country that they are. When you "may not" tell the truth...say nothing. The ignorant Americans will never know what is going on...anyway...T hat is what they think.
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# RE: A Letter that Speaks for Itself (3 of 4)Frank 2012-05-09 13:12
Study groups I never trusted them. They can be bias on paper to produce the end results of the what the leaders want the american public to hear and support. Do you really believe anything coming out of Washington these days? I sometimes find it hard to belive that this Administration is actually protecting us from anything
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+4 # RE: A Letter that Speaks for Itself (3 of 4)Gary 2012-05-09 21:51
"Increasingly we see a trend in Pakistan where moderating voices are being marginalized and altogether silenced."

I'm afraid the same can be said for our own country...and that should scare us all.
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