A Jump Start For Iraq’s Private Sector

17 July 2009



# Scott Dudley 2009-07-17 09:05

The above report is more than a year old. There should be well over 100 Billion $ surplus in Iraqi budget due to oil revenues. What are we thinking? Let them bootstrap themselves
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# KellyC 2009-07-17 09:34
Yes, that report is more than a year old but I think you missed the reports that followed in the months afterward. Oil prices collapsed shortly after all the hubbub about Iraq's potential budget surplus and then buh-bye surplus!
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# Scott Dudley 2009-07-17 10:29
This report is less than a year old.


Unless they are paying to give their oil away, clearly they can affort $250 M to fund future economic growth.
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# Aaron Bounds 2009-07-17 11:50
Woah, finally someone puts out a plan that sounds great. Go for itl.
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# KellyC 2009-08-04 08:53
Come on, Scott; you can't even link to the actual article but a repost through the snide, abysmal HuffPo.
I agree, Iraq should spend it's own money on jump starting it's entrepreneurs and rebuilding it's infrastructure but they so far have proven they can barely get a budget bill passed, let alone actually spend the money and spend it wisely.

For a report only a few months old read here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123565319808181881.html
They don't have $100B just sitting around and are cutting their budget...
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