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Are Thai Protestors Violent?

20 April 2014

IMGM4383Witness to the 26 December 2013 fighting, Din Daeng, Bangkok

The question is straightforward but the answer is not.  First, we must delineate the main participants. This dispatch will primarily discuss the Thai protestors known as "Whistleblowers."  The Red Shirts will be analyzed in a separate piece.

Military Options for Ukraine

28 March 2014


The Red Barbarian is massing on the Ukrainian border.  A hundred thousand Russian troops are said to be preparing to invade Ukraine.  Russians can easily prevail against the tiny Ukrainian military if Ukrainians stand their ground.  But a larger guerrilla war can be another story.  We easily beat back the Iraqi Army and masses of Taliban, only to face long, bloody guerrilla wars.

ความวุ่นวายในไทย: ข้อสังเกตและความคิดบางประการ

ตอนที่1 จากประมาณ10 ตอน

นำแสดงโดย:อภิสิทธิ์, ท่านพุทธอิสระ, หมอทำนายชาวพม่า, ประชาธิปัตย์, นักข่าวที่ดีและที่ไม่ดี, คปท., ชายชุดดำ, กปปส., พรรคเพื่อไทย, สันติอโศก, สาธิตเซกัล, สุเทพ, กองทัพบกไทย, ตำรวจไทย, เอกอัครราชทูตอเมริกาคริสตี้เคนนี่, เสื้อเหลือง, ยิ่งลักษณ์, คุณ

image001อภิสิทธิ์ ปฏิเสธการนิรโทษกรรม ในขณะที่ต้องหาคดีฆ่า 12 ศพ


มีความเข้าใจผิดว่าคุณอภิสิทธิ์กับผมเป็นเพื่อนที่เล่นกอล์ฟด้วยกันเพื่อนเก่าที่สนิทกันมานานสิ่งนี้ยังผลให้เกิดข่าวลือความจริงเกี่ยวกับความสัมพันธ์ของเราคือผมใช้เวลาเดินทางกับเขาหนึ่งครั้งจากหาดใหญ่ในปี2553 หลังจากที่การต่อสู้อย่างรุนแรงในกรุงเทพฯเพิ่งเกิดขึ้นหลังจากนั้นเมื่อหนังสือของเขา "The Simple Truth" ได้ตีพิมพ์สองหน้าหลังได้เขียนเกี่ยวกับผมผมได้อนุญาตให้ใช้งานในเฟซบุ๊คผมในหน้าเหล่านั้นเป็นการกล่าวแบบปกติว่าข้อหาฆ่าผู้อื่นที่คุณอภิสิทธิ์และรองนายกฯในขณะนั้น,คุณสุุเทพเทือกสุบรรณ, โดนกล่าวหานั้นไม่เป็นธรรมและไม่ยุติธรรม

ในช่วงสองสามสัปดาห์นี้เราได้คุยกันแบบส่วนตัวเป็นเวลารวมประมาณ3 ชั่วโมง

Thai Turmoil: Some observations and thoughts

Part 1 of about 10

20 March 2014

Starring: Abhisit, Buddha Issara, Burmese Fortune Teller, Democrats, Farmers, Journalists good and bad, KPT, Men in Black, PDRC, Puea Thai Party, Santi Asoke, Satish Sehgal Suthep, Thai Army, Thai Police, US Ambassador Kristie Kenney, Yellow Shirts, Yingluck, You

image001Abhisit refused amnesty on 12 murder charges

Abhisit Vejjajiva is a former Prime Minister of Thailand.

There is a misconception that Abhisit and I are golf buddies, old pals who go way back.  This is the result of propaganda.  The truth of our relationship is that I took one trip with him to Hat Yai in 2010, just after the intense fighting in Bangkok.  Later when his book The Simple Truth was published, the final two pages were written by me.  Those pages were taken with my permission from Facebook, simply stating that the murder charges against him and his Deputy Prime Minister at the time, Suthep Thaugsuban, are bogus and unjust.

A Simple Man scores a Major Win

22 February 2014


(It has been a long day, and tomorrow comes early. I rush to write these words with a single pass and no edit. Please forgive me.)

We begin:

This is a difficult struggle to overthrow an enormously corrupt Thai government. The struggle is marked by a series of independent victories.

This afternoon I spent more than two hours with a well-known retired general discussing the matter, and then I spent more than three hours with farmers. All agree that Yingluck's days are growing shorter.

One farmer is Ravee Roongraung. Khun Ravee is a rice farmer from Petchaburi. Khun Ravee has risen to the occasion to lead farmers from seven provinces to demand payment for their stolen rice.

General Menard in Jail for "Gun Running"

30 January 2014

This is the Canadian Brigadier General that I wrote should be fired for incompetence in Afghanistan. This caused me no end of troubles but was worth it. My work directly resulted in Menard's firing and he departed the Army.

And now he is in jail in Afghanistan. Maybe he has been set up -- I have no idea. But I do hope that he is released from the Afghan jail and sent home in good sorts.


US Embassy Bangkok: US Soldier Running Rogue Operation?

img001CJ Grisham was arrested in Texas a second time this past November for criminal trespass.

18 December 2013

A troubled US Army Soldier claimed to be assigned to the US Embassy in Bangkok for an unknown purpose.

The active duty counterintelligence soldier, who has a Top Secret clearance, is stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.  Until recently, when I alerted the Army of a possible rogue operation, the counterintelligence sergeant listed his duty station as the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand.

The soldier has never been stationed in Thailand.  There is no evidence that he has ever visited Thailand.

Not a Crosswalk

image001Aleppo, Syria

09 December 2013

The Syrian war is growing.  Growing in size and complexity.

Yet the more one learns about this conflict, the less accurate it becomes to call it “The Syrian War.”  Thousands of foreigners have flooded in.  Some are moving through southern Turkey today.  Just this weekend Jihadist hardliners seized yet another town on the Turkish border, ten minutes drive from a Turkish town.  Barbarians are at the gate, and the gate is wide open.

As these words are written, foreigners are fighting inside and creating international contacts that will transcend this place and time.

Afghanistan: Talking Points US Troops

08 December 2013


Many of our Soldiers in Afghanistan are required to carry this paper in a pocket at all times.  Troops are expected to memorize the talking points and cough them up to any journalists coming through.

We decided to help headquarters spread their message.

Many complaints about poor morale are coming from Afghanistan.  Most troops are kept on base, where they undergo mindless inspections and even small ‘parades’, and of course rocket and mortar strikes.

Thailand: Pause on Fighting for King's Birthday

04 December 2013

I am in Turkey to study the Syrian civil war.  Yet this is also a crucial moment in Thailand.  A few words on the Kingdom are due.

December 5 is His Majesty's birthday. As an American, I was raised since birth to reject all kings. That is our upbringing and what we are taught in school, and with good reason.

The King of Thailand is a rare exception.

Al Qaeda in Syria: A Snapshot

1 December 2013


Given by Kawa Khalil, annotated by Michael Yon

The Syrian rebel Kawa Khalil told me the recent story of the Holy Cross church.

Before the war, the church doubled as a school, attended by Muslims and Christians.  After the destruction of Syria began, classrooms became homes for refugees.

On 27 October, the Holy Cross Armenian Orthodox Church was burned in Tal Abyad, Raqqa, Syria.

From the Hearts of Thai People

28 November 2013

Government opposition has grown in Thailand to historical proportions.  Millions of Thai people from all walks of life, and from across the political and economic spectrum, are uniting to overthrow the current government, which is corrupted to the core.

So far, the massive anti-government rally has been peaceful.  Many government buildings have been peacefully seized and are being occupied.

How you Got Hit

25 November 2013


Some people love war.  For most others, the disease is difficult to live with.

Parents have it bad.  They are challenged to safeguard children while showing strength when schools close, food runs out, and fetching water can end with a sniper’s bullet.

An oft-repeated parental worry is that they will be killed and nobody will care for their children.  Some orphans fall into the safety net of a large family, while for others the loss of a father can leave the mother begging for a lifetime along the roadways, the children spread to the winds as prostitutes, beggars, thieves, or in rare cases, suicide bombers.

Guncotton in Syria

11 November 2013

image001Guncotton used to launch homemade artillery.

War has shattered Syria.  Heavily armed government forces will stop at nothing to destroy opposition to retain power.  The government uses airstrikes, artillery barrages, and tanks against its own people.

Assad’s army is literally scorching the earth under the feet of women and children.  If Assad’s Air Force has a single rule of engagement, the rule seems to be never to waste a bomb.  This abject cruelty has led to a brutal war that eclipses Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

While the Syrian government uses heavy weapons, many opposition fighters scramble for ammunition and to invent homemade cannons, large catapults, and giant slingshots that launch grapefruit-sized grenades.

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