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This site gets much traffic from all around the world, from people searching for news from Iraq, making it an ideal place to host stories from deployed forces in harm’s way.  In my travels I’ve met many budding writers who are now wearing boots and carrying rifles, and I found their stories so compelling that I want the world to see.

Joe Galloway on the McCaffrey Report

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19 October 07

Michael Yon notes:

I have just wrapped up a very interesting trip with British soldiers in southern Iraq. We spent much time in mine fields near the Iranian border. The area looked like a stairwell to hell. Numerous dispatches about the Brits and southern Iraq are on the way. Am currently back with American combat forces in Baghdad.

Joe Galloway sends another column. Though I sharply disagree with much of what Joe writes, I always read his opinions:

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The General Lee Comes Home


[Michael landed in Baghdad on morning of 25 September 2007.]

War Weary Stryker Dubbed General Lee Comes Home For Reset

By Ann Roosevelt, for Defense Daily

By sea and by land, one of the Army’s war-battered Stryker vehicles known to its unit as the General Lee is coming home to Anniston Army Depot, Ala., where it was built, to be repaired and sent on to a unit in ready-to-fight condition.

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Joe Galloway Sep 13


Michael Yon notes:
Though I sharply disagree with much of what Joe writes, I always read his column:

By Joseph L. Galloway
McClatchy Newspapers

Well, now we’ve heard from General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker and President George W. Bush, and it appears that the Surge has succeeded–succeeded in guaranteeing that the Iraq War will drag on for the last 16 months of the Bush presidency at a cost of another 1,600 American dead and $13 billion a month.

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By Chris Muir

FOB Marez, Mosul, Iraq

One of the Many Stomping Grounds of Michael Yon

4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division: the people here definitely make up for the weather. It is somewhat odd to be addressed as ‘Sir’, and everyone is polite. I wanted to come here, primarily after reading Michael’s dispatches, to see if I could get some background for my character Zed, an ex-military guy, for my comic strip Want to know how soldiers feel on the front, what they think there? Well…read Yon.

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No fear!

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By Joseph L. Galloway
McClatchy Newspapers

The Democrats in Congress wring their hands, gnash their teeth and wail that there was nothing they could do but cave in and vote to continue funding the war in Iraq. After all, that crafty George W. Bush had maneuvered them into a corner and they didn’t have the votes to override his veto.

Horse manure.

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David Halberstam

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By Joseph L. Galloway
McClatchy Newspapers


He was the stuff of legend, and it is nothing less than a national tragedy that so great a voice was silenced by a car crash this week, just when it’s needed more than ever.

David Halberstam’s work and influence as reporter and author spanned half a century. He covered the most important stories of our time, from the civil rights struggle in the South during the 1950’s to the Vietnam War in the 1960’s and 1970’s and into a new century and a new war, one that eerily reminded him of the mistakes of the one of his youth.

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