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This site gets much traffic from all around the world, from people searching for news from Iraq, making it an ideal place to host stories from deployed forces in harm’s way.  In my travels I’ve met many budding writers who are now wearing boots and carrying rifles, and I found their stories so compelling that I want the world to see.

Pandora's Box

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26 August 2014
Col. Zygmunt F. Dembek

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FBR Report: Finding Living Water in a Dry and Thirsty Land

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Good Life Club Sudan Report

16 July, 2014

Our GLC programs in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan felt like a tiny drop in a very dry bucket, but God’s presence in this desert turned out to be the living water that we all needed.

Nuba girl in hiding place during Good Life Club programNuba girl in hiding place during Good Life Club program

We had come as FBR was invited by the people of the Nuba Mountains to see if an FBR-style training and mission would help them as they are under attack from the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF). The desert environment, even without fighting, is a harsh place. Adding attacks from the SAF only increases the challenge of finding basic necessities. Inside the thatched walls of most family compounds live anywhere from 10-20 children, with several mothers and one father. Although there have been schools, fear of bombing has caused these and other educational opportunities to be closed down.

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04 July 2014

From: The Chapter III Officers

To all the members of Chapter III we wish you a great, safe happy Fourth of July.

We forward a message from SFA National President Jack Tobin:

Gentlemen, since I was reconvicted, I will continue to ruin your holidays with one of my endless ramblings, if you think it is worth the time, please forward to your member.


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